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Schooling Fish (Loaches)

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I bought 6 loaches from the shop on Friday. Unfortunately 4 of them died within 24 hours (checked the water several times and no issues). Between getting dinner, the ferry, and the drive it was about 4 hours before I got them home. I'm guessing it was just too much. Anywhoo, my question is that now I have 2 loaches will they be ok by themselves? Do I need to get more? They're in a 13 gal tank with a betta. The tank is lacking a bit in cover so I'm adding a few more plants today, but I'm just not sure if 2 loaches is enough.


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It’s sad they didn’t make it! Was it Aquarium Coop you bought them from? I haven’t had to get any fish replaced but they have great customer service. I’d email the store about what to do. I’m a Vashon Island guy and it always takes me a while to get fish home. I haven’t lost any so far, I guess I’ve been lucky! 

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