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I have no clue what this is but it's taking over my tank

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I have just finished cycling my tank but these white things started showing up on the glass of my planted betta tank. They started small but now they are getting long stringy tails and attaching to my plants as well. They have longer trails by my sponge filter because the flow is stringer. It's a 10 gallon betta tank with a betta and snail. Sorry I really don't know how to post pictures on here so I linked them below.  Please help! Thank you!

Started like this: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZErNfutfqC5XPDrS8

Today's pics:





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It's hard to say for sure from the pics but it looks like either a bacteria bloom or the start of some form of hair algae. Has the wood ever been in an aquarium before? If it not it could be leaching extra nutrients into the water. Are you using a plant substrate? Some substrates can leach extra ammonia when first added. I wouldn't worry yet your tank might still be balancing itself. I personally would avoid add anything else to the tank at this point. Also I would hold off on major water changing unless your nitrates etc. are really high. Maybe cut back on your lighting for a couple weeks.  Other info about the specifics of the tanks contents, water parameters can help pin down the issue.

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You should wait out out. If you want any kind of snail in your tank now is a good time to add them. It's a bacterial bloom and will be gone soon, but feel free to knock off and remove any bits that are in your way or especially ugly. It is harmless and snails and some other things will eat it. Just part of your tanks settling in phase.

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