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How do people feed their pea puffers?


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I feel like I am way over feeding because their food comes in these giant frozen blocks. I am using the standard frozen cubes of blood worms and brine shrimp. 

I have 4 pea puffers. 

do people cut off a small piece of a block to thaw? If so how much? 

or do you thaw a block and just give a little at a time? If so do the thawed ones last in the fridge? How much do you feed?



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Bloodworms do not keep after thawing. The best approach is to cut the little cube with a very sharp knife and feed that amount every time.

Watch them to determine how much to feed. The uneaten food will foul the water. And, they will give you the cute look to get more food, but their little bellies will be full and will not eat more at that point. 🐡

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