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Java Moss Issue

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I set up my new 45 gallon planted tank on Thursday when my plants came in. So far they look good except for my dwarf lily bulb which is still floating more than 60 hours later, and not it looks like my Java Moss might be turning brown. I am doing a fishless cycle. Should I be concerned about the moss or will it be OK once the water parameters are good? Yesterday afternoon they were.

PH- 7.6

Ammonia 2

Nitrites 0

Nitrates 5

KH  50

GH  50

Water temp is 79.3 and I am using the Fluval 3.0 plant light. Set on the Auto, Sunrise 2 hours daylight 8 hours sunset 2 hours moon light 4 hours.

I am using the easy fertilizer and tabs in the plants in the gravel. Last time I put the easy green in was thursday because the bottle says to use once a week...

I am new to this so any advice would be appreciated.





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The good news is you don't need CO2 for java moss. The ten gallon tank three feet from me has a jungle of java moss in it. My thirty high grows it well. My fifty and twenty high, not so much. All four tanks have the same water, same fish, similar lighting, same feeding schedule, but vastly different results. Why? God only knows. Plants do what plants want to do. If your java moss wants to grow, it'll grow and you won't be able to stop it. If it doesn't, it won't. Do your best (which it seems you're doing) but don't worry too much if the plant decides not to cooperate. 

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I assume this is a new plant you got, so it might be melting just like any other plant. The java moss in one of my tanks took more than a month to start growing, after turning mostly brown, since I got it in an immersed form. The submerged java moss I got for a different tank immediately started growing.

Give it time, I bet it will come back quickly.

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Although people always seem to advice javamos I've been struggling with it as well. Always goes brown and takes months to start growing.

Somehow I never had this problem with flame moss, so I decided to keep using that instead. Started with 1 cup and keep replanting cuttings in new tanks. With some patience you never have to buy new again. Grows really well even without fertilizer, co2 or anything else.

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I lost all the Java Moss I bought in stores and then have had good success in a couple tanks with moss I got from a club auction...might be a submerged vs. emersed grown thing or maybe it was just used to the water around here.  Not sure what the difference was, but this stuff grows like crazy, and the other attempts I couldn't keep alive no matter what!  It does seem like plants have a mind of their own sometimes.  Your moss doesn't look too bad at this point IMO, so I'd just give it some time and see what it does.  You're doing everything right, so hopefully it decides to grow!

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