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Kam's summer tubbing experience

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This year is my first time summer tubbing. I live in an apartment in London, UK and I have a covered balcony as my outdoor space, so no chance of top ups from rainwater. My plan is to have lots of plants and do regular water change.

I set up two 65 litres/17 US gallons tubs at the end of March when temperatures were pretty cold, ranging from 15C/60F during the day to 5C/40F at night. Temperatures have recently warmed up and are currently around 25C/77F during the day and 15C/60F at night.

In one tub, I have

  • Fibre optic plant
  • Water mint
  • Creeping jenny
  • Dwarf water lily
  • and various cuttings and floaters I raided from my indoor tanks


The plants have grown well since March. Last week, I put in 6 CPDs and 7 red cherry shrimps. Both the fish and shrimps are always hidden, I have to look very carefully to be able to see them.

In the second tub, I have

  • Corkscrew rush
  • Succisa pratensis (devil's-bit scabious 😄)
  • Miniature bulrush
  • Water chestnut
  • and various cuttings and floaters


The plants in this tub seem to be slower growing, this tub gets slightly less sun than the first tub. The good thing is that I see less of an algae issue. Last week, I put in 7 medaka ricefish and 7 snowball shrimps. The medakas are always out and about. The shrimps are harder to see but more visible than the red cherries in the other tub.




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The weather has cooled down in the past few days. It's going to be high of 15C/60F tomorrow but will warm up again after.

The medakas are doing very well. Here's a couple of females carrying eggs in the morning:


Two aquarium plant cuttings, Hydrocotyle tripartita and Lobelia cardinalis, are doing very well in both tubs. They are growing much better than in my aquariums.

I only see fleeting glimpses of fish in the CPD tub. Makes it less interesting to look at. Next season, I'll pick something less shy.


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