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When the Neighborhood Clears Out...

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Moved out all the rowdy African Cichlids from this tank. Added wood. Added plants. Added tannins. Oh my! This single pair of Bristlenose Plecos—gold male, Brown female—are loving it! There’s going to be many, many more Plecos in here if I’m a good guesser...


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1 minute ago, Patrick_G said:

Ok, then I have a noob question. What is the procedure for keeping the Pleco fry safe from the Electric Blues? 

Well, the E-blues will be really small when added — smaller than guppies. If the Plecos have fry, they’ll hide away in the wood. There’s a few generous wood pieces they’ll shelter in. As long as the Acaras are accustomed to eating daily feedings, they’ll probably leave the BNPs alone. They’re in enough of a symbiotic relationship in the eco system, they’ll probably just grow up together.


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