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Weird Bladder Snails

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I’m new to planted tanks and have done as much research as I could to make sure I did everything right. In my 20 gallon tank I have: 1 Betta, 1 Oto catfish (I’m trying to get more for a small school, but the local fish stores have been out of stock), and a ton of what I assume to be bladder snails.

The snails seem to be doing well, except I noticed that three of them have clear shells and a red body. Should I be concerned? Is it an illness, or just a form of albino? 

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Double checked and compared them to pictures and I think you are right with them being ramshorn snails. Glad I don’t have to worry! I already have sea shells in the tank and have heard that snails will sometimes get calcium from eating other shells. Will that work if I don’t get the wonder shell? The water is also pretty hard (but still in safe perimeters) too. 

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