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Can anyone ID this?


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I did not know what group to put this in cause I do not know what it is. Long established tank  this stuff has been there for eons since about 3 months into this tanks life . It grew then stopped has never changed nothing eats it  it does not bother me I’m not looking to rid myself of it  I have just always been curious and never seen anything like it  possible algae possibly wood sap?  It is hard and spiked in texture it doesn’t scratch off with fingernail...never tried to hard thought it looked interesting.

Manzanita wood boiled 3 hours. Rested for a week or two I don’t remember exactly with daily scalding hot water changes.

wanting to know is just an itch I’ve never been able to scratch. 







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1 minute ago, Fish Folk said:

Wish I could offer a better answer. Came across this thread on a Canadian forum, with a photo that looks a lot like yours. If the black dots eventually get "fuzzy" it's black beard algae. 

Awesome thanks. It has been there forever. It never grows more never changes. Knock on wood I have never had an algae problem in this tank of anytype outside of some green spot on the glass once in a blue moon. I’ll have to read up on it. It’s just been there so long I consider it hard scrape decor now ROFL

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