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Dwarf Chain Sword Propagation

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Hi, I have a dwarf chain sword that has produced 8+ plantlets over the past couple of weeks.  I bought this from Aquarium Co-op and planted about 2.5 weeks ago.  Beautiful plant. 


Anyway, I’m real excited about all of this growth but need a little help.  I read you should wait until the plantlet(s) are half the size of the mother plant before cutting the the runner and rooting it in the substrate.  
How  would I go about doing this if the first plantlets is now half the size but the plantlets running off it are not.  I will put a pic up since it’s hard to explain.


Should I just plant all of them?  As you can they are not running along the substrate any longer. They started floating up.  Please don’t mind the algae.  Working on it!  81533C49-5041-4F2E-B4DE-D6F9ADB40018.jpeg.61250185140b6dd20a763019384710e8.jpeg


Thank you in advance.



Thanks for your help!  Hope this all makes sense.  

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Error explaining - didn’t make sensw
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