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Breeding tank setups


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Getting close to being done painting my breeding tanks (8 20 gallons, plus I have a 10 gallon for grow out, and a 29 gallon to replace a display tank).  It's a lot of work.  I used rustoleum satin black gloss enamel paint instead of plasti-dip.  I have wrist issues, and the spray cans get hard for me to shake.  I think this was probably easier in the end, 

In case anyone wonders, bottoms are painted as most of these (besides 29g) will be bare bottom and this makes it easier to see fish and keep it cozy for the fish.  I painted the 29g bottom just because I was at it anyway, and if I want to use it for something else it will be set.  The 20s will sit with the small side facing out.  There will be two stacks of 20's, 4 on each stack/row.  The row ends will have two sides painted on both sides, but the middle will just have one side painted since they will be next to each other.



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5 hours ago, Fish Folk said:

Sounds like you’ve got a great start! What are you interested in breeding? Are you hoping to make some income, or just enjoy the breeding side of the hobby? 

I mean yeah I'd like to help offset the cost of my addiction, er I mean hobby, but I enjoy this. 

Currently I have a breeding pair of angelfish, gardneri killifish, guppies (red Moscow and hb blue) a few groups of cories and plecos. After that I don't know it depends on what I like lol. 

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