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Breeding Ideas Anyone?


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I am looking for some breeding ideas and tank suggestions

I have a 4 shelf rack with various tanks, I have room enough room left for either 3-10 gallon tanks or 1- 10 gallon and a 20 long. I am looking for creative ideas for the rack set up and creative ideas for the tanks, and also what to breed in them. I have very soft water 0-kh 1-gh, ph 6.5-7 range. So very soft, not RO. I am tired of buffering the water for my guppies and snails, even though I love them and Im keeping them. I am looking for a few ideas for soft water fish that I can breed and how I can breed them. We have kribensis, and I wanted to include plecos in one of the systems. But, I also want to make them "multi-functional" where I can breed/grow multiple species at once.I have corycats already as well.

Any suggestions appreciatedated!

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Whatever you want to try out, the Forum is sure to encourage you with, and offer any help you need.

Im big into dwarf Cichlids... so I’ll suggest a couple that always sell well, if you can raise them up.

#1 - German Blue Rams are just beautiful. They’re tricky to breed, so don’t be shy about asking for tips.


#2 - Apistogramma Cacatuoides are really elegant. Good parents too, if you set up their tank just right.


#3 - Bolivian Rams are making a nice comeback in the hobby. They’re a tad larger than the German Blue Rams, and a bit hardier. They almost act more like a mini geophagus than Rams. Although rarely as colorful in LFS as at home, they are beautiful.



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52 minutes ago, BriannesFishFam said:

@Fish Folk Do you breed any out of those three?

Yes, we do a lot of German Rams (Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi).

Here’s our “how to” thread...

Our Cacatuoides spawned a few times, but for several reasons we didn’t succeed (yet).

Bolivian Rams should be pretty easy: established tank, clean water, mature pair... boom!

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Celestial Pearl Danios, they do great with shrimp if you wanted to do a breeding to pay for your hobby setup, soft water works well for them, and they’re popular enough that you’ll be able to unload them pretty easily. There are a bunch of videos on breeding setups from using food containers with some fake grass to Blake’s aquatics on YouTube had this cool 3D printer breeder box that uses an airlift tube to pull the eggs from the box up to a container. Plus CPDs are beautiful. Dwarf emerald rasboras, glow light danios and Pseudomeugil rainbows are fun and breedable. 

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@BriannesFishFamaquahuna and wetspot are my go tos along with RedFishBlueFish. I think of  RFBF having superior genetics since he brings in all his fish from Czech Republic and Germany. I’m pretty sure AH and Wet Spot rely more on Asian farms although WS has been putting aquarium, tank and wild as designations lately. I’m planning to do either CPDs or Dwarf Emeralds in my plant grow out tank along with shrimp. All do an amazing job with shipping. 

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