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Otocinclus with Eye Injury


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Water parameters:

Nitrate: 10ppm

Nitrite: 0

Ammonia: 0

GH: 150ppm

KH: 40ppm

pH: 6.8

Water Temp: 78°F


29 gallons:



Red Cherry Barbs

Kuhli Loaches


Hey everyone, It seems that one of my Otos has an eye injury/infection, but I’m not sure exactly what it is. I originally thought this otocinclus was dead when I first saw it, but when I put in the net to scoop it out it started moving around, so it seems to be alive and eating algae off of one of my plants. If anyone has any insight or advice, I’d love to hear it. The right eye area is the only place I can see with damage.



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I don't have experience with this exact scenario, but I have had betta fish with eye injuries in the past. It looks like it has started to heal already, but I would move it into a QT tank to be safe (especially if you notice any erratic behaviors). 

This is easier said than done because it may be difficult to keep the weight on an Oto in a newly setup sterile QT tank. If you can, get some algae growing in there first (leave a light on 24/7) and add some fertilizers. The second option is to move some algae infested plants/decor in there. 

I would recommend dosing Maracyn to fight bacterial infections and Ich X for fungal infections. If you see it worsening, I would also recommend dosing a little salt (maybe 1 tbsp per 2/3 gallons).
I used salt when my bettas got popeye and serious eye infections. It would usually clear up in a couple days with the salt. I am not sure how well Otos deal with salt, so if anyone could chime in, that would be great!

As long as you keep the tank warm, put in some meds/salt, give it some algae to graze on, and keep the water clean, I think your Oto should be just fine. 

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