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Ich Question


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I have been monitoring my tank the last couple of days for possible ich or other parasite issue. See post below for history on the issue. As suggested in that post we did a big water change this morning , probably like 35% to 40%. I added about 1 tsp of aquarium salt after the change. We also rinsed our media in the aqua clear in aquarium water as well. 

Just tested the water and it's better than before the change. 

API Freswater KIt: Ammonia: 0 , Nitrites 2-3 ppm, Nitrates: 10 ppm PH: 7.0-7.2 ppm. Temp 75-77 degrees

According to api 5 in 1  test strip: about the same on liquid readings,  KH: a bit darker than the 0 reading. 


I am checking on the fish cause my pleco is darting and dashing. I think I see a row of 5-6 white dots on it's top fin. Albino Pleco, so not exactly easy to spot. Finally held still long enough for a photo. Later after the photo while he/she was holding still on front of the glass, I think I saw a couple on the side fins as well.  I added more salt as I'm really trying to take that route. I do have a bottle of Ich X that I bought today just in case. Just don't want to use if it I don't need to.  Before salt I had added around probably a tbsp or maybe slightly over . After water change I added 1 tsp, and after seeing pleco I added 1 Tbsp.  But being as I'm pretty sure those are white spots I'm seeing, thinking I should before it gets too bad. So with a ten gallon, how much should I use. Between salt and ich X .  This is our first fish tank so inexperienced and don't want to mess up anything with the cycle  and all.  

Pleco Photo: 



Little History.. 


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I would do daily 25 % water changes and add prime to detoxify any nitrites with salt as pleco are more sensitive to salt I would go more than 1table spoon for 2 gallons I would also treat with ick x it could be stress ich cause by the high nitrites

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Agree, follow Colu's advice. Keep Nitrites as close to 1 ppm or lower and maintain daily water changes until they go down to 0. You can treat with Ich X according to the instructions on the bottle (dose daily + daily 30% water changes prior to each new dose). There's an article on aquarium co-op that offers a great guide for treating ich, but I think your primary focus should be on improving water quality in your aquarium.


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