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The Best Thing About this Forum


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Over the last month or so I have been reading through tons, and tons of journals And also creating some of my own. Its been great! I've been learning about different parts of the hobby. Before the forum I never really knew much or even cared about walstad tanks, but now I want one!

One thing that I have been noticing is the amount of experiance everyone has with different things. Like @Streetwise loves his walstad tanks, and @H.K.Luterman has got some amazing fish art, @Fish Folk always has a fish laying eggs in their fish room all the time, and @WhitecloudDynasty has some stunning white clouds. 

My point is that no matter the question theres always going to be an answer. Not just any answer but an answer from somebody who has extensive experiance with that issue.

This really is the best place for fish keepers!

(if you haven't created a journal for your tanks, what are you waiting for? Get on it! Were dying to see what you have living underwater!)

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