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Staghorn Algae Recommendations

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Hello fellow tank lovers! 
I have staghorn algae growing on a lot of plants right now. I am not experienced with this type of algae, but I did read where basically nothing will eat it. Maybe except a SAE, but I do not have the proper set up for an SAE. Should this algae stay or go? It's ugly as sin. And I don't think my plant leaves are loving it. How do I kill it? I have been spot treating with Excel, but it's almost like just as fast as it starts turning red and dying off in one small area, more grows elsewhere. 
Parameters are good, API master test kit confirmed. Two different tanks, a 9 gallon flex with a betta, a snail, and bamboo shrimp. And a 13.5 gallon Evo with a betta, small colony of neo's, and 3 ember tetras. Each tank gets fed 1 time a day, I spot clean uneaten food in the evening (fish are fed in the morning). Maybe it's the lights? They are on from 9AM to 9PM.  The only thing I use for plants is Flourish Tabs in the substrate. Both tanks are moderately planted with some cholla wood and natural rocks. Both tanks use Fluval lights. Pre-Set to the 'Planted' parameters. I do not use CO2. 
Any ideas? As in *why* the staghorn would be growing so quickly and how to kill it (if it's bad and needs to die)

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I think you have too much lighting with not enough CO2 and nutrients to keep up with it. I'd lower the lighting duration to something like 6-8 hours. I have the fluval 3.0 and the planted tank preset has the intensity set higher than I would like. I wouldn't want 100% intensity on anything. Probably 70% at the most with very little blue lighting, like less than 5%. The algae isn't harmful to the fish. It can be harmful to the plants in that it can smother them and use up any nutrients that you intend for the plants.

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