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Freshwater Clam ID - Help!

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Those ridged shells look like Asian Clams which are considered an invasive species in the US. The one's I've seen have been more gold in coloration.  Does this graphic show any similarities to what you're looking at?



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1 hour ago, Andy's Fish Den said:

Most freshwater clams have not been able to be kept in aquariums for long term, because they are difficult to feed.

I do have a super fine coral food that i use for goldfish fry i can supplement with, however the goal of this was to see if clams can replace filtration. The tank i am trying it out on is a 270 gallon goldfish tank, heavily planted, deep sand + clams, i have about 12 in there.... the goal is to only run two nano usb pumps on either side for air and let the plants ans the clams and the goldfish break everything down... do you think that is possible or im chasing something impossible?

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