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I have a Java Fern that I added to my tank a couple weeks ago. It's attached to a piece of driftwood. I initially attached it with a couple of rubber bands. There is a gap in the driftwood that I put the roots into. First question is how long does take for it to attach? I had it out today during a water change to see it better, and the roots have definitely gotten longer and seem to be growing towards the drift wood , but it doesn't seem attached yet. I removed one of the rubber bands, but I don't want to remove everything too soon, and the java fern ends up floating. 

The other question is about the brown spots on it. When I initially added it to the tank there were a few of the leaves that got really browned out and I removed those particular leaves. I have been adding Seachum Flourish to the tank once weekly.  I have read that some spotting is normal. This is my first plant, so not sure what is bad or good. 🙂 Don't want to go snipping things that are ok. 

Here a photo of the plant: Can see the one leave with browning on the tip and the other to the left of it with more. 


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Hi, I'm struggling with my plants so take what I say with a grain of salt, but Flourish doesn't contain nitrogen, phosphate or potassium so you might have a deficiency in those macronutrients, although they do sell separate bottles for that. Easy Green has all of those nutrients in it too.

Here is a guide to nutrient deficiencies


As for getting them to not float, I've got no help with that because mine are absolute terrorists.


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I've never gotten mine to attach to anything. I just jam em where they can't float, or use a weight. But take that with a grain of salt, because I usually just throw my java fern anywhere, lol. As for the spots, for me, java fern takes a LONG time to get used to your tank. I got some from the coop months ago, and it just turned into a browned mess, and just a couple weeks ago, it has exploded into new growth, pearling, etc. Same thing with one I bought from a LFS almost a year ago. Threw it into the back of my aquarium and forgot about it. Occasionally pulled out dead leaves. Broke down the aquarium a couple weeks ago to consolidate, and boom, there was twice the amount of java fern, and beautiful.

Anecdotes aside, check for nutrient deficiencies as posted above, and give it time. It's a long haul plant, and pretty darn hard to kill in my experience.

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