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New tank (set up yesterday) water quality question


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Good morning, everyone. 

I finally put my first tank ever together yesterday (Penn Plax 10 gallon Radius, Fluval stratum, inert large grain sand, slate, sand-blasted manzanita wood, Cardinal plant, red undulata, Cardinalis (all Top Fin tissue culture plants) API Quick Start and API Stress Coat +) and did a water test this morning to get an idea of where I am starting. 

If I'm reading this right, my pH is low, and my water is hard as nails. 

What, if anything should I be doing, please? 

Thank you in advance. 


PS: Cory, if you see this, you weren't kidding about how quiet that USB air pump is. It's wonderful. 

PSS: I already moved the heater down so the water is above the water line on the tube. 


Test Strip June 6.jpg

front view.jpg

Top View 2.jpg

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2 hours ago, H.K.Luterman said:

What kind of livestock are you planning on keeping in there? Looks like a great start!

I'm planning on a male Betta, a snail or two and maybe some shrimp 😊

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