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Saw someone wearing an aquarium co op shirt today!


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I’m a huge fan of aquarium co op and have been since I got into the hobby about a year and a half ago! Today my girlfriend our two young boys and I were shopping at Frys for groceries in Phoenix, Arizona and I saw a lady wearing the aquarium co op shirt with Murphy on it! Of course I told her nice shirt! Now I feel like I need to add a shirt or hat to my next order! That was my first time seeing someone in person wearing aquarium co op thought it was pretty sweet 😁

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3 hours ago, James Black said:

I was biking with a freind and I was wearing my murphy hat. There was a guy on the opposite side of the street who pointed at my hat and gave me a thumbs up and said "I like your hat!". Best day everrr! Now I wear it all the time.

James Black I need that in my life lol that’s awesome!!

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