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What is this in my Shrimp Tank??


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I found a bunch of these in my shrimp tank yesterday. There is some up high on top of the wood and then mostly down low on my rock cave and substrate. Also see some in the sponge filter 


There are 5 Red Riley Shrimp and 2 large mystery snails in 15 tall. 
ph 7.4

ammona 0 

nitrite 0 

nitrate 10ppm

KH 4

GH 9 





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That’s an interesting one? I’m purely speculating here…
Maybe mystery snail eggs that fell back into the water? Mystery snails lay eggs outside of the water (hence the ‘mystery’). Maybe if they can’t find a suitable place completely out of the water they are falling back in resembling grains of rice. 
If that’s what they are then you might consider removing them as the eggs are not viable once submerged. 

Wish I could be of more help and I’m curious to see what the other Nerms suggest. 

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Hey Scottie , I think you are correct. I have noticed more and more of them every night in my shrimp only tank  I keep the water level high so she has no place to lay. I noticed her last night with some eggs still hanging out of her. The fish must eat them in my other tanks because I’ve never noticed them before. 


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