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apisto hongsloi Aggression? Temp? Bottom dwellers?


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Came across some hongsloi in my LFS and I'm instantly hooked.
Need to know all about them.
Currently my plan is to keep a group of 4-5 but I'm not sure how males will fare with each other. Another option is to pair them up with some bolivian rams.

Tank size hasn't been decided yet but they'll be temporarily stored in a 40 gallon and I'll be open to anything under 90 gallons for their next tank as it will be a planted community tank with them as the centerpiece.

However, I'm having trouble planning out the rest of the tank. I'm hearing mixed reports of temperature such as keeping them 80+ as thats the "natural temp" or around 75 to lengthen their lifespan. Because I want other fish that would thrive at their temperature, I have been at a roadblock in this regard. I think they only live in a restricted area in the wild so I'm not sure if there are schooling fish they are sympatric with.

Also, I'd assume I can't do bottom feeders. This is primarily a community tank and I have smaller tanks for rearing fry, but when they get their breeding aggression, I've read they will poke eyes out of cories so I don't think cories + apisto will be doable. Are there any bottom feeders that are doable?

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You could consider a trio: 1 make, 2 females. Pencil fish are excellent dither fish. Pencils are not too fast... tiny mouths ... but they are picky about eating.

Add lots of leaf litter - oak leaves do well, if not covered in road salt or pesticides.

Sponger filters. Several caves.

Apisto males will establish dominance, and then one will just hide.

Females will turn bright yellow when in breeding phase, and do crazy dance / bends for males to attract them to their cave.

Theres a great Aquarist Podcast on keeping Apistos. If I recall, the audio was rough... but the content was pure gold.

Also check out Ted Judy videos on breeding Apistos.


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