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oops too much easy green

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Hi all, 


I was doing my water change on my 75 gallon planted tank and added my easy green.  I filled another bucket of water to keep filling the tank and added more easy green, after I dumped that bucket in that I realized I double dosed my aquarium.  Is this going to cause issues?  I try to do a 5 gallon water change daily.  Are my fish and plants at risk of illness or injury from a double dose of easy green?



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Hi @Allison, assuming a double dose of easy green means 16 pumps total, then I would not be too worried. That is only about 6-7ppm of nitrates. I am not sure how many plants you have but if they are growing like crazy, I do not think you will have an issue. You may actually see better growth from your stem plants if anything. 

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