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Plant cultivation tank

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I’ve heard of folks having a plant cultivation tank and wondered if I could get some opinions on lights, substrate and filtration. 

I have a 10 g standard Aqueon tank. I have some Leftovers from my ponds - aquatic potting mix, gravel, crushed coral, lava rock etc as well as some laterite powder from Brightwell. My thoughts were to put the aquatic potting soil and laterite down, then a layer of lava rock, gravel/sand/crushed coral layer over that and then plant. 

Lights I have an Aquaneat and a shoplight laying around and figured I’d put both of those on it full power for 2 sessions of 5 hours each. 

Plants I was going to do ludwigia species, crypts nurii rosen maiden, tropica, and pink flamingo, and I thought this linderia india variegated looked cool. 

Im hoping not to do CO2 but I’m open to it. 



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Sounds like a great idea, I would add a thin layer of Mironekuton deep sea minerals on the very bottom, and distribute root tabs in a grid  about every 6 inches apart, and add some bacter for easier colonization in the lava rock layer. Should be a rockin' grow tank. Don't know about the Aquaneat, not familiar with it but for the light I'd recomment a Fluval Plant 3.0, or a plant prow light if that's not in the budget for now.



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My grow out bins as they are not actually tanks are all emersed. This means no algae and no need to run CO2 since they are in the air. I did this as I used to grow anubias this way years ago. When I broke down my high tech planted tank a few years ago this meant I didn't have to throw away my plants or watch them melt and now that I'm creeping back into planted tanks I don't have to buy everything again just pluck from my bin.

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Thanks for the shout out @citaerletand @Brackon. This is a high light dirted 10 g. I threw in a bunch of cuttings and half of a plant order I got. It’s gone well. Had a nice bloom of brown algae and then transition to green spot now to green hair algae. The plants are starting to take off. My sword plant sent out a shoot with a bunch of babies and I’ve planted those as well. Love the colors on my Cabomba. The crypt nurii Rosen maiden looks great. 

Setup is an led spotlight and substrate is a mix of leftover pond plant soil, laterite, capped with lava rock, Flourite sand, crushed coral and aragonite sand. 859671C0-B16F-4123-9C5B-13AD9F46D3ED.jpeg.64b94d6bf3ae3ae427d751326ccae78e.jpegDBD7F589-701C-422B-B860-9C747D305F43.jpeg.f67981a9287d43fab957d7114ce4648f.jpegC52DB8AF-0771-4E2B-AD22-915616C4D64E.jpeg.934b72fc4caa72f2a09ef49b834918cf.jpeg283CD37D-4BA8-4550-BC34-6A9E03FC4422.jpeg.fe1aa26ee3f9b6c37e9931cbe2b154b7.jpeg582969FA-0B31-4B5F-A385-4FAF4C8C13E6.jpeg.d2757fdb0be0737649080407bb7e4a80.jpeg45201458-2880-488F-90D7-B9DF72613CCA.jpeg.c8602dd8c536bf8ff19119c021c5e594.jpeg819B8D89-9155-4C10-B67B-7233046C8865.jpeg.26aa48696546ed337a80a2819471b228.jpeg

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