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Angelfish struggling


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I have a beautiful female angel on her side at the bottom of the tank. I have had her in QT for more than 2 weeks now with little improvement. She has had a course of kanaplex and i have added salt. She will get upright but it takes a lot of effort, she then bobs for a minute or two before sinking back onto her side, it is heartbreaking to watch. Not sure what else to do for her. The pectoral fin on the side she is laying is getting mangled from her efforts to get up which result in her spinning on her side.

Water parameters are all good & i change 5L every 3 days in a 20L QT i leave the light on very low daytime & off at night.

PH 7.6, Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0, Nitrate 0. Temperature 27, Hard water area so 50/50 RO/Tap i put a small catappa leaf in the water & a couple of bunches of limnophila.

I have been putting food in daily, not sure if she is eating, doesn’t look skinny. I use a turkey baster to remove uneaten food twice a day.

At what point do i give up & help her off to the big fish tank in the sky? I don’t feel ready to give up on her, she and her mate were laying eggs every 2 weeks  for 4 cycles up until she fell ill. On the last attempt it looked like they got to wiggler stage before she moved them, after moving they disappeared. I wonder if she was stressed from this. 

I didn’t add a picture as apart from being on her side on the bottom she looks perfectly healthy, the fin is under her so you wouldn’t see it & that has happened since the illness.

Please help!

On a happy note my Apisto cacatuoides have had babies, every cloud has a silver lining!

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So sorry to hear 😞

You’ve been a good nurse. If you’re really nearing the ending point, maybe look up treating with more focused salt before ending the struggle. Sometimes it can do amazing things.


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Great idea, thank you!

I have added some more salt i have about 1.5g/L  and will increase over the next few days up to 3g/L.

I forgot to say the QT tank has a cycled filter (low output) and an airstone.

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