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Trio meds finished and still sick I think


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Brought 8 ranchus salted 1 week 1 tablespoon per gallon 1 died like second day.


Then did trio meds 2 died that ended after 7 days. 1 got sick towards end of trio sitting on bottom of aquarium he’s eating still. I lightly feed 1 time a days.


water conditions perfect and temps around 75. All other ranchus seem happy healthy threw entire process. 

Amazon link better quality video can any professional take look see what you think if I can do more?


he’s in about 3-4 week quarantine. 




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Not only is the gill on the left side red (or redder than the right), his eye on the left is black, very different from the right eye. I have no experience with goldfish, but I would guess that it is some type of infection and try another round of Maracyn by the directions on the package. Maracyn box says it treats "swollen, discolored gills, gasping for air and decreased activity." The quarantine trio is a precaution to be used where there is no sign of disease. When there are symptoms like this you have to diagnose and treat by the book. I hope someone with goldfish experience can help with the diagnosis.

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Waters been perfect I’m not feeding alot and lots plants (top) is covered frogbit and bambo in back). 2 of the other ranchus have black eyes on 1 side and red see threw gills is this normal with ranchus calico?

  • pH 80
  • Nitrates 5
  • Hardness 75
  • Nitrite 0
  • Ammonia 0
  • KH/Buffer
  • Water Temperature  76
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It could be a bacterial infection with the red gills I would do another course of maracyn goldfish with one black and  normal eye is common it nothing to worry about

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