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Suggestions for a tank mate?


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Our halfmoon betta, El Diablo Azul (Blue for short), is LOVING life in his 2.5 gallon bachelor pad.  We had him in a 5 gallon with mystery snails, and he did not play well with others.  Not only was he attacking them, but he was stressing himself out and his fins were getting damaged.

Ever since we moved him to his own place, he has been so happy.  The problem is, we are starting to have algae, and it could become a problem.  We would like to get an algae eater, but don't know what to get.  Suggestions?


To sum up:

2.5 gallon 

one betta

does not play well with mystery snails


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Bladder snails are perfect for small tanks. They keep everything squeaky clean are small so won’t stress your Betta or add excessive bioload. They reproduced according to the amount of excess food and algae that needs taken care of never more when its gone they die back to appropriate numbers...Betta usually love snacking on them...self replicating live food and entertainment for your Betta. Bladder snails are one of my things can’t help it they are so adorable and fascinating to watch. 

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My suggestion would be to _not_ add any fish to a 2.5 gal. Betta tank. Add plants, fertilize lightly, and just clean out nom-glass algae with long feeding-tong tweezers / aquascaping tool, and scrape off glass algae with an old CCD.

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