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White spot on my green neon tetras tails

Karen B.

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2-3 of my green neon tetras has tiny white patch on their tails  It doesn’t look like ich.

They are swimming normally. Dunno if they are pooping, never seen one do so. They used to eat everything now they only accept frozen/live food (spoiled brats!!!)

I was wondering what it could be and how to treat it if needed?

Tank is planted, temp about 75, ph 7.6, kh 4, gh 11, 0/0/30. WC every week or 2 weeks depending.











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If you have another tank to quarantine, that would be good to move them. It may be Ich. Perhaps some other external ailment. If it’s fuzzy, it could be fungus. If it’s stringy, it could be anchor worms. To me... it looks like maybe Ich. Possibly something else as well. 

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