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New at plants basically do I have enough substrate for what I have

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Money wort can grow on top of water  and down at bottom my question is the stuff around bottom do I leave that or setperate plants and let them do there own thing  also the water sprite and hysteria I they needing to be rooted  there kinda growing off that coral rock in a since all and any help to start making my plants thrive be great next payday buying that GREEN stuff for plant food on Co-Op site






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11 hours ago, Wisnasky-tank said:

Standard equipment no co2 or fertilizer fluorescent light bulbs temps at 76-80  lights 14 on 10 off  plan to buy that green squirt plant food of co-op site payday though plants also get some natural light by windows the small 10gal planter I do use a heat light so to speak at a distance for lucky bamboo 

I think your set up is great at this point. If you are wanting to get more growth, you would need a substrate at the bottom of the tank that promotes that. I use eco-complete and let the nitrates in the water do the rest. With the lights on for 12 hours and watching the algae growth under the tank lights for shading, this helps my plants grow at the rate they need. I am constantly researching the best way to grow them too! I want faster growth, but honestly, some plants won't grow as fast as we want them without the fertilizer properties in the water by the fish waste, or by using fertilizer. 

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