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Overnight severe betta bloat


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My betta friend was looking perfectly normal yesterday. He was kind of big this morning, as though he had just had a very large meal, this evening he is severely bloated and pineconing. I had no idea this kind of thing happened so fast!! 

10 gallon, 80 degrees, tank running for nearly a year, had this betta for a few months, he lives with 6 ember tetras and shrimp, params 0/0/5, water change 20% a week, struggle to keep enough nitrogen in there for all the plants, pH 7.6, dh 9, kh 7, tank is heavily planted.

Never had any other issues with this guy except for a brief tail biting incident when he had no tank mates and got bored- well healed up from that. No change in colour or behaviour, he is still very active and engaged and begging for food. His staple foods are hikari micropellets and bug bites but he gets a large variety with frozen foods about once a week. 

I've never dealt with this before!! I don't wanna lose this guy, he's the best. I'm in Canada so no antibiotics or meds available here.



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27 minutes ago, Colu said:

I would Qarantine and treat with kanaplex and aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 2 gallons the salt will have reduce the fluid buildup causeing the pineconeing

I don't have kanaplex, Canada. I moved him into my always-ready qt with 1tbsp/2gal salt. we'll see, hoping for the best. he still is acting fine... very happy to explore his new digs 😞

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