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Zebra Danio Won't Eat


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I have a Zebra danio that looks noticeably slimmer than my others (fish on the right). I was watching him today and I also noticed that he doesn't eat and he seems to be struggling to swim (ie he is nowhere near as active as the other ones). He has a buddy (fish on the left) that seems to stay close by him and sorta nudges him around as well.

My water levels look good and all the other fish appear normal.

Is he just old?


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Thanks for the response. I thought maybe he was just old? I'm trying not to jump to conclusions but I'm also not noticing some lighter spots on a few of the danios. They aren't bumps, as in, they don't stick out. Is this just discoloration or something else? I am also noticing the fish's buddy kinda swims the same way and isnt as active as the other danios. 

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