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Can you ID this wiggly red worm?

Karen B.

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I found one wiggle red worm in my aquarium. It’s behaving exactly like a detritus worm... but it’s red. 

I had camellanus worm months ago but I treated it. None of my fish seem to have anything come out of their anus, they eat normally.  I have been feeding them a lot of live baby brine shrimps lately and some vinegar eels to my fry (their breeding box is connected to the main tank).

My cory are flashing on occasion. Yesterday I saw my honey gourami flash for few minutes then no more. Today for 2-3 minutes when the lights came on, few of my green neon tetra were flashing.

No new fish introduced in that tank in months. I did however clean the filter and forgot to turn it off so the whole yucks contains was spilled in the tank. Could it be a camallanus worm that was living in the filter?

should I retreat the whole aquarium to be sure or wait for signs?




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As nobody seems to have any idea, could I have your opinion on what this worm may be and what would be the best course of action?

The camallanus worms episode was months and months ago and treated with Levamisole.

I also have ick-x, paraclease and maracyn I could use.

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11 minutes ago, Mmiller2001 said:

Did you follow up treatment for Camallanus worms? Usually, a 2 week follow treatment is recommended. And what did you treat the worms with?

The flashing is most likely Flukes. I would treat with Fritz Paracleanse or API General Cure. Another option is using PraziPro. But you have to follow up in several weeks to kill the hatched eggs.

I treated the worms with Levamisole and followed the instructions given by Greg Sage to the T!

I will most certainly treat the tant with paracleanse - I was just hoping to get a precise ID on the worm before starting anything 

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