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Adding Otos To New Tank

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My aquarium is about a month old now and is fully cycled (not seasoned, mind you)  I do have a good carpet of diatoms and heavy diatoms on the wood piece. I want to get Otos because I love their behavior and looks and purpose but was curious if I should clean up some heavy diatoms in my tank before getting them in a couple weeks. Or, should I leave the diatoms heavy so the otos (and corys I am going to get a well) have some good food sources?

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Lots of algae is good for preventing or softening ammonia/nitrite spikes, as well as keeping nitrates down. Plus being food for the otos. For over a week now I have had 4 new otos in a quarantine tank that is full of plants and overrun with algae. Water quality has been perfect. The only problem is that I cannot always find the otos in an aquarium full of plants and algae. 

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