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snail ID?


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I got two hitchhikers in my bag from the fish store today.  One I think is rams horn the other IDK.  I'm anti snail but these fish were for my tub pond and in pond context I think I'm somewhere between ambivalent and pro-snail.  So I have two questions

1) What are these

2) Will they survive my tub.  If I'm sentencing them to death i'd rather just give them away, assuming either is desirable to someone

The first one is tiny.  like rice grain sized.  the second one is bigger, maybe plain M&M sized.



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The first is a bladder snail. I breed them and keep them in all my tanks. They can live IN Sewers and waste treatment plants. Many folks use them as suicide jockeys to snail in vs fish in cycle. THEY ARE TOUGH! Only tougher snail is pond snail that I’m aware of. But I baby mine. Mother nature’s most awesome gardener. My plants are always looking sharp and I never have algae. I adore them I even breed some specific colors. Second is rams horn. I have zero working knowledge on them. 

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