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A week in the life of Amazon frogbit and Water Spangles....

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Ooo, your floating plants is growing so much faster than mine.  I have red root floaters (as a coworker once misheard me call them red rooter cooters, so now that's basically all I call them) and they are slowly picking up speed.  I kinda want to try frogbit too but I don't know if anyone in my city carries them and it's way too hot to order anything online.  We're already 100 plus and I feel super lucky that the last plant I got from Aquarium co-op didn't come burnt to a crisp.

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Yes, I'm in Arizona and 100+ at this time of year is the norm.  I almost buckled and bought some frogbit from ebay but then stopped myself in time because duh, it's gonna fry on the way here.  My red rooter cooters are sloooowly filling in but at least they're growing.  They just seem so frickin sensitive.

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