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Bucephalandra in a cycling tank

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I have started my cycling with a planted tank, and was wondering how badly it will effect one of the plants I got.  I have a tissue culture Bucephalandra alamanda, and have read that Bucephalandras really dislike ammonia spikes.  It looks like it is doing okay at the moment, but I am a little worried it may be effected by the cycling and melt.  It is a cute little plant, and I would like to make sure it gets through this okay.

I do have have a bottle of Fritiz Zyme 7 I could add if that may help, I was sitting on it hoping I would not need to use it.

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I cycled my 20L with Buce in it. Quite a bit of Brownie Jade, Mini Coin and Peacock. I don't know how high the ammonia actually got. I got the Buce and other plants all in place, filled it with water that I had rung out a sponge from another tank into, put in a sponge filter and a brand new hotrodded HOB and turned it on. I dosed EZ Green per the instructions and a pinch of fish food every few days. I didn't even look at parameters for about a 6 weeks. By then the test results looked good and plants looked like they were going to be okay. The Buce were painfully slow to get over the move and get going. 

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Got an update.  The ammonia levels in my tank cratered Friday and ended up at 0 on Saturday.   The Buce seems to have gotten out okay, it even looks like it has grown a little, it certain looks taller then when I got it.  No signs of melting at all on it.

In fact most of the plants in the tank look like they are thriving. I am seeing a ton of new growth all over, even some of crypts are at least not melting.  The C. Lutea really perked up and even has a few new leaves, and C. Tropica looks stable.  Only my C. Becketii is dealing with massive melting.

Of course now I am worried the plants will suck up all the nitrates and will need more easy green dosing, but that is not a bad problem to have with everything mostly doing so well. No algae issues either other then some diatom algae in the back.

Been great experience so far with the plants.  Here's hoping the C. Becketii can come back!

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