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Forum notification do not have read and unread functionality, upfront and easy to figure out.

 I am new to this forum script, so correct me, when I am wrong.
Most forums I participate in the notification area does something to allow you to tell read from unread. This is normally in your face easy to see.
In the header drop down, Sure they are blue and white backgrounds, however, once you click ONE they all turn blue. 
Then when you view all notifications there is absolutely nothing to let me know what I need to read.

I did figure out how to go to the unread area and click the filters. To figure this out.  This took time and effort. Which is something we Internet Consultants call Friction.

Less Friction means more views, more views means more time on site, more time on site equals more sales.


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13 hours ago, Evan said:

Wow. I have to say I'm surprised to read these glowing reviews. Frankly, I hate the new format and I find the mobile site now unusable. When I'm trying to read about a product on my iPhone, say the ingredients in a particular food or how to work the Ziss Brine Shrimp Hatchery, this dropdown thingie telling me to add the product to my cart drops down automatically and covers half the screen. Now I can't read what's on the screen. Nor can I see the "you may also like" product links toward the bottom of the screen. Oh well, maybe when I get home to my desktop I will remember to look again for the information or product I was interested in. Or maybe not. 

I get that the dropdown thingie comes and goes but I can't for the life of me figure out how to control it. Is there a setting I'm missing? Am I just tech illiterate?

There are issues on the desktop version too. The dropdown thingie shows up here but it isn't so bad because it is fairly unobtrusive. However, now when I read a blog post and want to check out all the "featured products" there is no link to the product page. The only thing you can do is add the product to your cart. Then you can view your cart, click on the product picture and be taken to the product page. Instead of one step to read about a featured product there are now three steps. Four if you count removing the product from your cart because you were just browsing anyway because an excellent blog post got you thinking about trying something new. FYI, this is also a problem on the mobile site.

This is just way I see it. Your mileage may vary.







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