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Spawning Corydoras Similis

Marius Myren

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Finaly! My group of 6 corydoras similis finaly spawned(2 females and 4 males). I keep them in a 40 liter aquarium about 10 gallons. They have been in this tank for about a month with a spawn of my Ancistrus (bristlenose plecos). I keep it super low light with a little Ikea light, and a lot of tanins. Ph around 6.5 sometimes as low as 6 and a temperature of about 25 degrees celsius, about 77 degrees farenheit. I feed them with Tetra discus granuals as well as Sera vipachips "flakes". About once a week they get frosen food, often a mix of froxen blood worms, artemia (brine shrimp) and mysis. The plecos get cucumber and succini every day as well, no risk of bloating here.

Today I found my first spawn, 21 eggs. I colected them and put them in a breeder box, to reduce the chance of fungal infection on the eggs I added Sera Mycopur to the tank, following the package information (it contains acriflavine, chlorure cuivrique, sulfate cuivrique as well as purified water) as it specificly has a use for this aplication). I am so excited for this project.

Few things to note:
1. The eggs were scattered around the whole tank primarily on the glass in hard to reach areas like behind the internal pump, and on the Anubias Nana petit I have tied to som driftwood.
2. The eggs were not that sticky, Corydoras Panda eggs are a lot more sticky. This made it hard to place them in the breeder box, so about half of them fell down to the bottom of the box.
3, I have a lot of movement in the tank. I have two aquawel internal pumps, one with about 50 l/hour, and one with 150 l/hour. I feel like I have to specify that there is no reason to have two pumps in such a small aquarium if you concider the bacteria in the aquarium, as there is a lot of surface area other places than in the filter sponge in  the pump. How ever I added a more filtration in order to create a  lot more flow. This also added more oxygen in the water which is positive.

similis egg.jpg


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So this went differently than I anticipated, none of the eggs hatched. I have a few thoughts about it; I think the group is too imature, thus none of the eggs were fertilized. How ever it's also a chance that I have miss judged the sex of the corys. 

This is still a good sign for the group, maybe next time 😄

Luckily I still have my Corydoras Panda fry growing up, Endler fry and Bristlenose pleco fry. 

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