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Cooling down the aquarium during summer


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Hi folks! Looking for advice on how to cool down your fish tanks when summer kicks in. It's getting H-O-T these days, and I want to keep all of my fish friends cool 🙂

Stocking list:

  • 5 panda cories
  • 7 cardinal tetras
  • 7 lambchop rasboras
  • 2 honey gourami
  • 3-4 cherry shrimp
  • 1 mystery snail

The aquarium is hovering around 82 degrees atm with the lid open. It dropped back down to 78 last night. I've heard of folks using fans, do you have any that you could recommend? Looking at Amazon, all of the ones labeled for aquarium use are only good for rimless tanks, which mine is not.

Any other ideas or products are welcome! Links to order the products are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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Any fan that you can position to blow on the surface of the water will work. Just know that you will experience some evaporation this way. I would think that the temp at 82 as a high will probably be okay for the fish if it is just for a few days during a heat wave. If you are looking for a permanent solution, chillers work well but can be on the pricey side. Other things to do is to turn off the aquarium lights when possible, as well as turning off unnecessary equipment that can generate heat (like pumps, etc.). 

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