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Let's Talk Goldfish Breeding

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I would love to hear from some of you about breeding goldfish, especially how you can develop different colors. I am real interested in tackling a Thai Oranda breeding project, but I honestly have no clue of what to look for in breeders and what to expect. 

Whats happens normally when you breed a black with an orange? How do you develop Apache? Tri-color? Etc. I am really in the dark in understanding these things and would love for someone to explain it to me. Thank you! 

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I have done some research on breeding fancy goldfish. From what I've learned, scale type impacts the type of colors you can get. there seems to be 3 types of scale types. Metallic, matte, and nacreous. nacreous is a combo of metallic and matte. matte fish are usually all white, sometimes with a little blue. but true mattes are all white. metallic are shiny and come in lots of colors. nacreous are often called calico. or sakura if they are white and orange.

hope this is helpful!

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