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Ziss Egg Tumbler

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So as part of the last Brand Ambassador package sent out from Aquarium Co-op I received one of the Ziss ZET-65 Fish & Shrimp Incubators. Thank you Aquarium Co-op and their staff!  Lets just shorten that to the Ziss Egg Tumbler. I unboxed it and was able to put it to immediate use with two spawns of my L201 large spot plecos. Short review, it works great! Id say it's the best egg tumbler that I've ever put to use, including those DIY ones I've made in the past. Some of the pros are: really good suction cups, the tumbler stands up on its own, easy to adjust the amount of tumbling action, bowl shaped bottom which keeps the eggs in the flow, and sturdy construction so you don't need to worry about it breaking. I know the new Co-op terry towel has been getting a lot of mileage and I will agree the towels included in the package are really nice.



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Thank you for starting this, I got one of these and am like oh boy.... this is an upgrade from the guppies! Now what do I put in it?

When would you use this vs. leaving the eggs in the mouth-brooder's mouth? 

Would you use it with angelfish eggs, cory eggs, etc - anything that would normally be "lightly fanned"?

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I bought one of these back in May/June, tried it with Rice fish eggs in the same tank as the rice fish and then a month or so later i tried it with Kilifish eggs in the same tank as the kilifish, in both cases the eggs turned black with in a few days and never hatched.

With more people getting these I am looking forward to the increase in available information concerning them, maybe I'll be able to figure out what I've been doing wrong.

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I sat on this video for a little bit, but I decided to post it. I got these in a Co-Op care package. I don't know if this was part of the plan, but this is going to push me into trying to breed more than shrimp.

I apologize for calling airlines and tubes "air stones" in the video.

These units are gorgeous, and so symmetrical. The lid can be mounted in any direction. The suction cup mounts are not identical, but they are similar.

The things that look like air stones are labelled as diffusers.


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Hello Dean. I received the Ziss egg tumbler three days ago. Already have Sterbi Corydoras wiggling. How do I feed them? How long should I keep them in the nursery?

Food selections I have for them are frozen daphnia, Aquarium Co Op Fry Food, Hikari first bites, Repashy  and live BBS.


I also have the Ziss breeder box and brine shrimp hatchery which I love! 

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