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Does christmas moss attach to wood?

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I've read conflicting things online.  Some say it never attaches to things, others say it does.  Seems weird to have a moss that won't attach though.  Does anyone have experience tying it to wood and having it stay?  My plan is to use cotton to tie it down to make a "tree" canopy, but if it'll just fall off obviously I don't want to do that.

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Hi @CT_, christmas moss does attach to things in my experience. It attaches to my internal filter for sure, I have to peel it off to remove it. As far as making a tree canopy, I made one using christmas moss but I did not use string. I simply placed it on the “branches” of the bonsai tree wood decoration I bought. I recently trimmed it and was able to “move” the canopy however which makes me thing it never attached itself fully. It did tangle itself however so it does not fall off. If you are worried about it falling off, I would just add a bit of super glue gel (cyanoacrylate) to the moss and wood to secure it. I would try not to add too much though, you do not want to cover the moss in it, just barely enough at the bottom for it to stick. 

Day one of the tree canopy (September 2019):


Last Saturday after a trim May 2021:


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wow that looks so nice.  I'm not starting with a "bonsai" so there's not much to tangle into.  I'll thread it on and use a bit of CA gell too then.   thanks for sharing those photos

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