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I've had to battle of small level of GBA. I've read a lot and have cleaned and cleaned my tank and plants. I ended up removing a bunch of my plants leaves and dipping Hardscape in hydrogen peroxide then rinsing and putting it back in the tank. I even got desperate enough to do dips of the plants for a few seconds in the peroxide. Even with small amounts it has been a struggle. I've tried Excel but it does kill some plants. I would take out those decorations and soak those things and scrub them good!  that's a lot of black beard algae that you can easily get rid of and then use the other options for the tank. Just my experience. I'm hoping that I've got it under control and maybe it disappeared but who knows! I think my culprit was a couple pieces of wood that had large plants attached with lots of roots... I left them alone too long and it got yucky 

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