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Wonder Shell Effects

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I have a forty breeder with Guppies, cory cats, blood fin tetras, golden wonder killis, a pearl gourami, and a small bushy nose pleco. 

Will adding wondershells to raise the hardness be ok?

As some of the fish like softer water, but wonder shells will be a acclamation process right? 





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I was using Wonder Shells in tanks with Rabbit snails and Neo shrimp because my water source is mineral/TDS poor and I was concerned about snail shell erosion/shrimp molting.  Fish and inverts all did great for months with a shell dropped in about every 3 weeks...Then the place I buy my 'Shells went out of stock so my tanks had to go "cold turkey".   After I did my first 'Shellless water change, I immediately had shrimp that had never bred in *three* different tanks produce young and two pairs of my Rabbit snails knocked out a set of twins each.  Coincidence (spring *was* in the air)?  Not sure,  but it's put me on a path to better understand what the effects of the 'Shells content should be on my critters. 

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