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Salvinia minima

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I have it in my community tank, it does grow like crazy. But I wouldn't say as fast as duckweed. I dose every week for fertilizer and it always seem to have more growth a day or two after the ferts that have been added.

Its super easy to take care of, I have kept it without any fertilizer in the tank. 

Theres been times where I went 3-4 weeks without needing a waterchange, the salvania just sucks all the nutrients up real fast!

The only downside is that when you take your hands out of your tank you have to pluck off all the salvania, kind of annoying.

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I love my salvinia minima! It’s way easier to control than duckweed—it’s big enough that it’s easy to get out of a tank if you don’t want it. Definitely a fast grower but I don’t mind that because it keeps the water clean. Once I get it going in my 10 gallon I can take a handful out twice a week and you can’t even tell.

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