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Fluval 3.0 nano light/Plants not growing straight

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Question for anyone.

 My plants in the back and side don't grow straight up. They grow directly to my light (Fluval 3.0). Should I change my settings at all or that's just the way there gonna grow? No major issue just wanted any tips



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It’s because there is less light coming in from directly above them. Since your light has a single source of light (a pendant, not a bar) there is going to be less light along the sides furthest from the light source. I see you only have it at 25% intensity? Everything seems to be growing great. However, you have plenty of headroom on your light to do raise the intensity and you’re running co2. So that helps. So yeah, if you want your stems to grow as straight up as they can, they will need either more light from the original source or direct light coming straight down onto it. Considering you’re getting nice growth on everything, I’d personally just let the tank continue to do its thing at its current pace and just trim/replant the tips as necessary. It wouldn’t hurt to get some more of what’s on the left though to fill out that space.

On a side note, your AR in the front is doing great. I’d trim and replant the top. You could probably trim the two other green stems (not sure what they are) in half and replant the tops so you’d have 4 stems in a little group.

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19 hours ago, Streetwise said:

Your Nano appears to be installed in the default long mode. Reverse the L bracket for tall mode, and you can increase the height.



Once I make the bracket long should I adjust my settings?


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