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Killifish Eggs “Eyed-Up”

Fish Folk

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When saving certain Killifish eggs, we pull from mop and save in damp paper towel, wetted with Rooibos Tea water.

After a week or so, the fertile eggs begin to display a dark mark - the eye of the killifish development. Killi breeders call these eggs “eyed-up.” See attached photos marked up for examples.




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5 hours ago, Beardedbillygoat1975 said:

@Fish Folkwhich killifish are these eggs from? Agree with @Coluthat I’ve been fascinated by their reproduction. Not sure I have the patience for the annuals but have thought about golden wonderkilli and fundulopanchax like blue galaris. 

These are Fundulopanchax Scheeli (Emerald Killifish). Here’s my main breeding male.


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3 minutes ago, Beardedbillygoat1975 said:

@Fish FolkThe Fundulopulchax group of fish are all stunners! Have you ever kept them in a community tank? Or are they a species only fish?

Ours are species only. Adult males tend to be “nippy.” If added when young, probably they could work. 

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