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Looking for a specific gravel


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This might be a decent option, though it’s impossible to know what kinds of stone they’re using in these generic mixes. There is always a possibility that plain landscaping gravel will include stone that could alter pH. The size, however, would be more of a consistent 1/4”-1/2”.

Here is another product that will most likely range in size from 1/4” to 2” in stone size, but it’s granite and will probably match the color pallet and texture you’re looking for at a really reasonable price. 

Honestly if I were you, I’d just find a local quarry/rock yard/landscaping yard or pop into your local Lowes store. You’ll likely find exactly what you need and the employees will know which type of rock is which. At a yard, they’ll probably charge you by the pound, but you may be able to pick exactly what you want from the pile. At Lowes, you’ll get a big bag of rocks for super cheap, but you won’t really know what’s inside until you break it open at home. 

I hope that at least gives you some leads! 

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I bought some "Zebra Stone" from manzanita-driftwood.com that i believe is just black quartz. It comes from Southern California/Northern Baja Mexico I think: http://manzanita-driftwood.com/10lb-zebra-stone/

It is a bit pricey, but it is definitely more black than Seiryu. The pieces that I got had almost zero brown in them. I will take a picture of them wet so you can look at them.


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Pisces,  midnight pearl. Small natural river gravel from new Zealand, very easy to plant in.  here is a pic of it in my aquarium. found a small bag at a big box store. got a 22 lb bag on amazon.

pisces has other colors also.











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updated info and picture
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