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Thank you Vets and Families of Vets!

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Hi everyone.  Thank you Vets and families of vets!  I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me out with cycling back in April.  I now have two 55 gallon tanks with fish and plants that are thriving.  It's amazing to let the tank bacteria 'do their thing'.  I keep a log now, and I actually thank you all and the bacteria in my notes section. 

I have 16 zebra neons, 16 cherry barbs, and 9 oto's in tank one (55 gal)with live plants and driftwood.  The barbs have all started to brighten their colors, and I'm pretty sure some are pregnant.  The otos are wonderful cleaners, and they don't put the bio load that the adorable cory's would.  Everyone swims in the different levels of currents and bubbles.  They all seem to get along, and I'm as happy as can be!  The other tank (55 gal) has 3 beautiful goldfish, with some live plants and some fake ones, and that's all I'm going to put in there for a while.  

I had put some sponges in a mesh bag to rest at the bottom of tank one, to gather up bacteria to help tank two, and it seems to have worked.  I faithfully did all tests in the kit for about a month, and now I only do it every three days, mostly because it just feels like I'm being a good caretaker.  

After reading all your comments back in April, I decided to go with putting food in the tank every day, roughly the amount that I would be feeding the future fish.  I stopped doing water changes, and finally decided to be patient.  It worked.  I wish I had a camera to show you the pretty tanks, but I'm still living in the twentieth century. 😊 

Special thanks to corydorasEthan, James Black, Lefty O, Brandy, Demobanana, Acenorm, Schwack, Patrick G, Starsmov20, SWilson, Hobbbit, Maggie, FishFolk, Gideyon, Jeff, CalmedbyFish, and MJV Aquatics.

Have a great weekend everyone.   Thanks to Cory for starting this forum...

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