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Flex 15 redo design and stocking ideas

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My wife got me a Flex January 2020 right before the pandemic. I’d been out of the hobby for a decade and was itching to get back in. Fast forward- MTS has set in, we’re summer tubing, and I’ve had some bumps in the road but over all things have gone well with my hobby. Now she has asked me to move the Flex out of the kitchen area to the kids playroom and this presents an opportunity to do something different. 
At present the tank houses a trio of pseudomeugil luminatus and some Neocaridina culls. My plan is to rehome the blue eyes to my sons 20 long and start fresh. 
Was wanting to pick the brains of my fellow NERMS for stocking and design suggestions. For those not familiar this is a 15 gallon bowed front tank with internal filtration. I’ve successfully mastered the limitations of this tank and maximized the filtration with upgrades to the pump (eheim) and have used a host of sponges, biohome, filter floss etc etc to maximize its filtration ability. Always have 20-40 nitrates, never have ammonia, and only trouble I’ve had is the TDS and especially the GH tends to run high with the current setup. Think I could use an aquasoil substrate mixed in to soften things up a bit. I have eco-complete in there so perhaps the soil has reached it nutrient peak and can’t take more not sure. Think I’d like to do lava rock base, then mix the eco-complete and some Fluval stratum for the main substrate. Think I’ll slope the substrate stacking lava rock in the back to help the perspective of the tank. Anyway loads of ideas thanks for your help with stocking and design. 









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I like the scapes that have a high point in  one of the top back corners and slope down from there. If you went for small plants and nano fish you could create the effect of a bigger tank. 

here’s some random internet pics. These are a bit fussy, but still look great




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Well here’s my attempt at one of those rocky landscapes nano tanks. Used lava rock in filter media bags to get the height, local obsidian, the eco-complete plus crushed coral plus gravel and some small river stones. Anubias nana, Java fern and subwassertang. I like it and it’ll be fun to see how it looks with the subwassertang grown in.  My sons love this little mushroom house thought it was whimsical and since it’ll be in the kids playroom thought it was appropriate. Thanks for the inspiration @Patrick_G!


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I have 15 flex I’ll show you my filter mods. Stocking basically whatever you like atm mines quarantine I’m moving stuff around. 

the filter configuration on flex is garbage. So

1.first chambers mechanical and plants are perfect because hole lcover. I use bamboo you can use anything but whatever put there will grow fast. 

2. I modified the mine you can see media in pick it’s awesome and cheap on Amazon I think 16 EXTREMELY porous bricks 10$.

3. I stoped hole up force water up flow over to 3rd chamber. And toss heater pump in 3rd cover any bio media I use fluval.






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Well I wanted to update this thread. I placed 15~ yellow “goldenback” Neocaridina in the Flex 15 beginning of June. It took them several weeks to settle in. No casualties until today - forgot the dechlorinator when I was trying to deal with kids (plus their friends) in the middle of my water change routine which is usually all by myself on Sundays - I blame @Coryfor not live-streaming as usually that chases my wife and kids away to my mother-in-laws house. I threw an airstone in, a bunch of Fritz ACCR, and I cleaned all the filter media as when I did my test kit there was detectable nitrite at 0.25. No ammonia with the dechlorinator and the nitrate was 10-20. I’ll test again tomorrow and see where things land. I mayjust keep the airstone in but might hide it with some obsidian like the rest of the tank. 593A2DD7-316C-43DE-82D6-9277D2B1C114.jpeg.b5989d5d6baac9c73d756ae30f94e0ce.jpeg9B9DC0EB-39CA-48FD-9E20-801F8C71B72C.jpeg.72eafaad5657c49058213dc9bd24d220.jpeg8120DA41-504D-41E1-9DDA-6E530A5BD5C4.jpeg.ec7311bbb0bcddeb3833f4986cd8284f.jpegF3ACDD6C-1432-4FD3-8864-6C9339235025.jpeg.2c130ceac81fd49d0f87d42c20332708.jpegF46A4E39-BDBB-47D6-95E8-8F0C663AFF7C.jpeg.856aa65698ca0f078e4a9d4e64a2d6db.jpegEBABBC3C-C47D-46EC-BD5B-099419FFACEB.jpeg.829f160b8d7727597753ad32338be35d.jpeg2030D339-0F0B-46AA-AB00-E529275C161F.jpeg.dfae8d93f4cd1d3f89704f224446e04e.jpeg

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