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6.0 PH in one tank 7.2 in another

Adam W

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I have a PH and cycling question. I have a 5 gallon Beta tank that was cycled and a PH of 6.6 and 0 nitrites, 0 ammonia, and nitrates of 40 each week. I look the gravel out and replaced it with pool sand. When I did I lost my cycle and took the fish out. It’s been two weeks now and my PH has dropped so low that it’s barely yellow in the API test tube. I also have a 75 gallon planted tank with eco complete substrate and the PH is 7.2. Will the PH come up as the tank cycles or do I need to do something to raise it? I don’t want to put my Beta back in until the PH and cycle are ready but he’s getting stressed in the 1 gallon tank he’s in now. Any suggestions? 

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